Sound Pollution

The large of portion (90%) tourists visiting Cancun are foreigners, especially from United States. The principle mode of transportation is air travel and over the last the decade, there is a significant increase in aviation industry offering cheap flights. In order to reduce the cost, airlines may not strictly follow the aviation policies including Airport Noise and Capacity Act that suggests the reduction of aircraft noise by replacement of louder aircraft with quieter one. Tourism-related travel represents a significant portion of air travel in state, and airplanes are one source of noise pollution (Castillo, 2005).

Apart from, aviation industry, cars, buses, as well as recreational vehicles such as sand mobiles and jet skis supporting local tourism could also significantly contribute to sound pollution. In addition, large construction project required in support of tourism infrastructure may create a significant noise. In addition to causing annoyance and even hearing loss for humans, it causes distress to wildlife, especially in sensitive areas .